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Welcome to Vietnam Wildlife Tours & Research (Wildtour Co., Ltd), the pioneer birdtours organizer in Vietnam. Founded by professional Vietnamese ornithologists and ecologists, Wildtour has been licensed since 2005 as an international tour operator. We are young, enthusiastic, experienced specialists in organizing and guiding professional birding tours as well as wildlife watching and photography for individual, family or small group to all our national parks and forests in Vietnam and its neighbor countries: Lao, Burma, Cambodia, Thailand. We're knowledgeable and flexible to meet all your requests even you are very experienced birdwatchers and want to search more Vietnamese, Indochinese endemics e.g. pittas, laughingthruses, babblers, pheasants or you're beginners birding in South East Asia and want to maximize your lifers.

Beside organizing tours for private groups and family tours, we are also proud of working as a local partner and guiding for worldwide leading birdtour companies such as Eagle Eye Tours (Canada), Partner International Birding (US), Oriental Birding (Sweden), Buckbird Journeys LTD (Scotland, UK), BirdQuest (UK), etc.

Wildtour Co., LTD is also the first private company in Vietnam who offers conservational services and environmental studies. We focus our research into biodiversity survey and monitoring, enviromental impact assessment and ecotourism developement.

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Welcome to the birds 2014 (15/10/2014 19:19 )

Welcome to the Birds is a series of events across the East Asian-Australasian and Central Asian Flyways to raise awareness of the wonder of our migrating birds. BirdLife International and the Royal Society for Protection of Birds (RSPB; BirdLife in the UK) are partial funding for these events

The field guide to the Birds of Vietnam for ipad & iphone is available on Apple Store (28/06/2013 16:09 )

We are developing an offline apps for mobile devices named: "Field Guide to the Birds of Vietnam". We hope this project will give you a useful tool while birding, researching or working for birds conservation in Vietnam and Indochina. When you select one or several of criteria above, you will get a filter result. Choose one of your results, a detailed information of that species will show you pictures, taxonomy, description, ranges map.

Spoon-billed Sandpiper in Mekong delta (02/12/2012 12:58 )

I had wanted to see the Spoon-billed Sandpiper for many years. I had been disappointed when I had visited Hong Kong’s Mai Po reserve a few years ago not to see them. As in many other of their former wintering and stop over migration places now, numbers of this species are critically low and development of their mud habitat is such that they are one of the most threatened birds on the planet. There may be less than 300 hundred left, and I so wanted to see one before they became extinct.

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Orange-necked Partridge
Photo by Bao Nguyen

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